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Dongguan HanDing Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of optical measurement solutions focusing on export, technology research and development, production, sales and service.

Han Ding Optical not only has core products such as video measuring machine, instant vision measuring machine, PPG battery thickness gauge, grating ruler, incremental linear encoders,etc., we also provide customization of optical measurement core components, such as: vision measurement system, light source system , lens, OMM fixture, etc.

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  • Desktop instant vision measuring machine

    Desktop instant vision...

       Model HD-4228D HD-9060D HD-1813D CCD 20 Million pixel industrial camera Lens Ultra-clear bi-telecentric lens Light source system Telecentric parallel contour light and ring-shaped surface light. Z-axis movement mode 45mm 55mm 100mm Load-bearing capacity 15KG Visual field 42×28mm 90×60mm 180×130mm Repeatability accuracy ±1.5μm ±2μm ±5μm Measurement accuracy ±3μm ±5μm ±8μm Measurement software IVM-2.0 Measurement mode It can measure si...

  • Horizontal and vertical integrated instant vision measuring machine

    Horizontal and vertica...

    Model HD-9685VH Image Sensor 20 million pixel CMOS*2 light receiving lens Bi-telecentric lens Vertical lighting system White LED ring spotlight with surface Horizontal lighting system Telecentric Parallel Epi-Light Object view vertical 90*60mm horizontal 80*50mm Repeatability ±2um measurement accuracy ±3um Software FMES V2.0 Turntable diameter φ110mm load <3kg range of rotation 0.2-2 revolutions per second Vertical lens lift range 50mm,automatic Power s...

  • Horizontal instant vision measuring machine

    Horizontal instant vis...

    Model HD-8255H CCD 20 Million pixel industrial camera Lens Ultra-clear bi-telecentric lens Light source system Telecentric parallel contour light and ring-shaped surface light. Z-axis movement mode 3KG Load-bearing capacity 82×55mm Visual field ±2μm Repeatability accuracy ±5μm Measurement accuracy IVM-2.0 Measurement software It can measure single or multiple products at the same time Measurement mode 1-3S/100pieces Measurement speed AC220V/50Hz,300W ...

  • H serise fully-automatic video measuring machine

    H serise fully-automat...

    Model HD-322H HD-432H HD-542H Overall dimensions(mm) 550×970×1680mm 700×1130×1680mm 860×1230×1680mm X/Y/Z axis Range(mm) 300×200×200 400×300×200 500×400×200 Error of indication(um) E1(x/y)=(2.5+L/100) Workbench load(kg) 25kg Instrument weight(kg) 240kg 280kg 360kg Optical System CCD 1/2”CCD industrial color camera Objective lens Automatic zoom lens Magnification Opital Magnification:0.7X-4.5X;Image Magnification:24...

  • Bridge type automatic 3D video measuring machine

    Bridge type automatic ...

    Model HD-562BA HD-682BA HD-12152BA HD-15202BA X/Y/Z measurement range 500×600×200mm 600×800×200mm 1200×1500×200mm 1500×2000×200mm Machine base Grade 00 green marble Workbench load 40kg Transmission Hiwin linear guide and TBI ground screw UWC servo motor Optical scale resolution 0.0005mm X/Y axis accuracy ≤3+L/200(μm) ≤4+L/200(μm) Z axis accuracy ≤5+L/100 Camera TEO HD color industrial camera Lens Auto zoom lens opti...


Service First

  • handing optical

    The Super Composite Instant Vision Measurement Machine

    At DONGGUAN CITY HANDING OPTICAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD., we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the Super Composite Instant Vision Measurement Machine. This state-of-the-art device is a testament to our commitment to advancing the precision measurement industry, offering u...

  • 6500-647X268

    The industry’s first 65-megapixel instant vision measuring machine

    As a leading Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production and development of precision measuring equipment, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. Our Instant Vision Measurement Machine stands out with its advanced features and unparalleled performance. I...